Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Working on the course again

To day I have been preparing the weekly programmes. I have been looking for some literature about competence based curriculum planning and from my search in Google I came over an article and a ppt made by my colleague and friend Jan Agten at the KHKempen in Belgium. I think I will present this in the course. I have also been thinking that may be Jan could come to Bergen and make a short screen lecture about this?? I also found an article about Gender and Competence-based training
This I have to look into more, it seems interesting.

I think that making good competence based curriculum plans are difficult. I notice when I look into the plan for this course that many things might have been different. I hope my students in the course will comment on this and help to improve the course. Meanwhile it has to be like it is for now:)

This morning I planned the Skjerjehamn seminar. There will be 1o participants and they have a many different and interesting subject they want to present. I'm also looking forward to show them all the nature at Skjerjehamn and do hope people will enjoy this stay. You can take a look at the website http://www.skjerjehamn.no/

I looked into Mortens blog in it's learning to day. Found some interesting reflections on difficulties by using the blog, or technical limitations. Probably that's why he recommended me to start to use the Google blogger. I have to be more familiar with this tool and make more experiments.

I contacted my contact in Germany that has used the conference room VITERO to day. Finally the company made contact with me as well and we will set up appointments where we can use this tool and see how it works. This will be part of the course when people come to Bergen in May.

Well, this has to be all for to day. I want to look at some crim films on TV.

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