Monday, 16 March 2009

1 day in the workshop

Well at the moment I am saticfied with the first day. I'm tired after a long days work and a very good meel at Neptun. It was in a way a little bit scary when Benjamin started to go through the menue with us, and I think that people had the same thought as me, will we manage this together?
BUT WE DID!! And the workpackage 8 in SW-VirCAmp - collaboration and companionship went very well. It was a demanding workpackage done in 2 hours with three main deliverables: starter, main course and dessert.

Well this was the evening. I think the day also went well. I'm curious to see how many of us that manage to write their blog to night, because there was no time for that in the end of the working day.
To morrow we will start with a report and reflection of yesterday.
I think it has been nice meeting the new participants, and I hope they will feel good together with the rest of the gang that have met and worked together for a while.

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