Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Making screen lectures

WHat is a screen lecture???
Well this was the subject today. XAvier managed to have an interactive lecture with our partners and different and good ideas came up about what is a good screen lecture.
It has many of the same features as an ordinary lecture. It should be engaging, interesting, trigger the students interests and have a portion of humor.
One thing i the ideal and another thing is to manage to do this in front of a camera in a language which is not your mother tongue. - It is not easy.
We did try all of us, and some good examples came up. Rina and I had some fun in front of the camera I think. It was a too long recording, but I think it was a good try. We was speaking more freely about our own city and interviewing each other in a way. Too short time however to edit and to put in the pictures that could have made the presentation better.
I had to leave the group 16:30 to join Bieke for her recording of AI. I think she did a good job. But everytime we experience that it is important to have a good manuscript, and to be well prepared by knowing the text as best as you can to bring in the feelings and emotions in the speach.

Well non of us is professional television persons so we all have to learn the skiills to come out of the screen.

It was a long days work. We continued till 19:00 with the recording.
To morrow we will be focusing on the trigger production.


Lāsma Ulmane-Ozoliņa said...

You saying that noone of us is actor.....Maybe we should ask some proffesional actor to make lectures for us?

lestril said...

Yes. Academics could produce a manus, journalists could make the text more oral and appealing, and some actors could perform the all thing! You could even pick up your new face from a catalogue!!

Unknown said...

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